Al-Zubaidi enters Mukalla in an armored vehicle

Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, the president of the STC calling for the separation of southern Yemen, continued to deliver threats to his opponents in Hadramout on Thursday.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

On his arrival in Mukalla, Al-Zubaidi boarded a UAE military vehicle to tour the city’s streets, provoking some Hadramis and prompting tweets on social media criticizing him for abandoning his civilian armored car and riding in an armored vehicle as a threat of war.

Al-Zubaidi’s display of the armored vehicle on the streets of Mukalla is an extension of the messages that have surfaced in recent days with the dispatch of his guard commander, Qassem Al-Thawbani, at the head of a military force reinforced with UAE armored vehicles from Aden, despite the STC’s retention of camps in Mukalla.

Hadramout forces described the Transitional Council’s action as reflecting his lack of faith in the Hadrami elite in reference to the Ba Rasheed Brigade.

A photo of Al-Zubaidi was hung in the streets of Mukalla, sparking widespread criticism in Hadramout after it included a threatening message that the Transitional Council had come to Hadramout after Hadramout refused to come to Aden.

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