Al-Murtada: We were surprised by the preconditions set by the mercenaries in Marib

Abdulkader Al-Murtada, the head of the Prisoners Affairs Committee, confirmed the postponement of visits to prisons, which had been agreed upon with the United Nations, to an unspecified date.

In a tweet on Friday, Al-Murtada stated that the committee was ready to carry out the visits to the prisons tomorrow, Saturday, as agreed upon and scheduled by the United Nations. However, he confirmed that they were surprised by the preconditions set by the aggression mercenaries in Marib, which led to the postponement of the visits.

Al-Murtada considered these actions a clear obstruction aimed at sabotaging the visits and, consequently, sabotaging the next round of negotiations. He called on the United Nations to put an end to this obstruction and to oblige all parties to implement what was agreed upon.

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