The Saudi Coalition commits 88 violations in Hudaydah in the past hours

Hudaydah – Al-Masirah Net:

In Hudaydah, western Yemen, the operations room of the Liaison and Coordination Officers for monitoring breaches by the Saudi-led aggression forces registered 88 violations on the western coast during the past 24 hours.

According to a source in the operations room, the coalition forces’ breaches included the hovering of five spy planes in the skies of Al-Jabliah, Hays, and Maqbanah, four airstrikes by the same planes on Al-Jabliah and Hays districts, and the creation of combat fortifications in Al-Jabliah district.

The source added that the breaches also included violations by artillery shelling in Hays district and 68 violations using various types of firearms.

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