One thousand victims of the occupation in Gaza in just 24 hours

In conjunction with consultations at the Security Council to halt the war, the Israeli occupation on Wednesday escalated the pace of its daily massacres against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni / Gaza:

The occupation forces launched an unprecedented wave of ground, naval, and air bombardment in the past few hours, averaging 10 attacks per minute. The attacks targeted densely populated residential areas in the east, west, south, north, and central parts of the Strip.

According to a statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, approximately 1,000 martyrs and injured individuals have fallen in the past 24 hours, explaining that more than 700 martyrs and 300 wounded have been recovered thus far and that over 1,500 missing people have been reported under the rubble.

The new toll raises the casualties from the Israeli daily massacres since October 7th to over 6,500 martyrs and more than 15,000 wounded.

In conjunction with the escalating international calls to halt the daily crimes and end the war, the occupation forces intensified their bombardment.

Since Tuesday, the UN Security Council has been holding discussions in an attempt to calm the escalation in the occupied territories amid American resistance to any ceasefire or even de-escalation initiatives.

The intensification of the bombing of Gaza reveals the fears of the US and Israel regarding the imposition of a ceasefire as major powers enter the crisis line.”

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