Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq are on alert, and the US admits new casualties from the bombing of its most important bases in Syria

The pace of regional movements in the Middle East escalated as everyone braced themselves for the time when the battle expands beyond the borders of the occupied territories of Palestine.

Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni / Gaza:

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization declared a state of alert for its forces and military units. After the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which has claimed responsibility for several attacks on American bases in Syria and Iraq, the Popular Mobilization Forces are the second Iraqi faction preparing to join the confrontations against the Israeli occupation.

The alert of the Popular Mobilization Forces coincides with the increasing frequency of attacks on American bases in Syria and Iraq, as the US Department of Defense admitted new casualties among its forces during a recent attack targeting the “Al-Tanf” base on the Syrian Iraqi Jordanian border.

These developments, in addition to the forces of resistance in the region, notably Sanaa, which has been carrying out continuous attacks deep within the occupied Palestinian territories, and its official entry into the confrontation line, come just before the launch of a wide regional battle in the region. The signal for this battle is expected to be given in a speech by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, who previously set today as the final deadline to end the war on Gaza.

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