See Photos: Sana’a’s military maneuver at the border

On Tuesday, Sana’a military forces carried out a military maneuver called “Al-Aqsa Flood” at several military points on the border.

Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Brigade 3, Brigade 415, and Brigade 191 Border Guards participated in the maneuver, which came on the occasion of the graduation of a new batch of battalions of its members.

The military maneuver “began with a review of a special map of the plans for the operation’s pathways to be applied in practice by the graduates of the Border Patrol Forces battalions who received practical training for a long period to enhance their military and combat skills and capabilities,” according to the “September Net” website, the official mouthpiece of the Sana’a forces.

Drones participated in bombing designated enemy targets, while the missile force destroyed virtual enemy sites.

Additionally, the artillery conducted sweeps of virtual Zionist enemy sites from several paths and a large geographical area, encompassing mountains, military barracks, and valleys.

In turn, the Border Guard forces executed their qualitative tasks in the military operation against the virtual enemy, utilizing various types of weapons and involving infantry, snipers, media, and military ambulances in a coordinated and limited manner.

According to the same website, after the attack, these forces were also able, from several paths and according to the prepared and outlined plans, to overthrow the enemy’s hypothetical sites, lowering the Zionist enemy’s flag and raising both the Yemeni and Palestinian flags.

<strong>Yemeni border guard forces carry out the Al Aqsa Flood military maneuver<strong>

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