Yemeni operations enter the decisive phase

The military operations launched by Yemeni forces in solidarity with Gaza entered a new phase on Wednesday as their scope expanded in quantity and quality.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In its latest report, the British Navy indicated that the waters surrounding Socotra Island have become a military operational zone for Yemen. This announcement, mentioned in a statement by the Ambrey maritime security company, coincides with the increasing frequency of maritime operations there. The report mentioned the recording of a missile attack whose target and quantity were not specified.

Within a span of 24 hours, another incident occurred, where armed individuals seized a cargo ship linked to Israel and redirected it to the coast of Somalia, following a scenario previously executed by the Yemeni armed forces in November. This operation resulted in the capture of the Galaxy Leader vessel.

These operations were preceded by extensive actions along the Gulf of Aden, most notably the burning of the Marlin Lloyd ship, the sinking of the Ruby Nimar, and the destruction of the True Confidant vessel. All of them also come in parallel with the continued escalation of the pace of operations against foreign battleships in the Red Sea with America’s announcement of targeting the destroyer Labon and Greece’s talk. About its battleships entering the targeting circle, following similar announcements by their Western counterparts in Berlin, Rome, and Paris.

Unlike the Red Sea, which has been an arena of confrontations between Yemeni forces and foreign battleships attempting to protect ships linked to Israel or heading to its ports since November, the current scene appears different. The distant waters have now become an arena for what the US refers to as the “Houthis.” The relocation of operations to this vital maritime passage extends its significance beyond navigation restrictions in the Arabian and Red Seas, but rather its importance extends to closing the last ports of entry for the occupation and its allies to escape the attacks of the Red Sea. On the other hand, these new operations will limit the occupation’s ability to activate the land bridge, which connects the occupation through Emirati ports from this sea point.

Whatever the motives behind Yemeni operations shifting to this point of the world, their parallel with expanding the scope of targeting foreign battleships outside countries classified as hostile entities suggests that it is part of the scenario promised by the Ansar Allah movement’s leader in recent speeches, in which he promised to increase the attacks in quantity and quality.

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