Washington withdraws Marines from the Red Sea after months of fatigue and failure

The US of America has been forced to withdraw its Marine Corps forces, “USS Bataan,” from the operations area in the Red Sea after a long period of deployment that led to the soldiers’ fatigue and their failure to prevent Yemeni military operations in support of Gaza.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to The Washington Post, the 26th Marine Corps unit recently left the Red Sea area after a long deployment, and it is expected to arrive in its home state of North Carolina in the coming days.

US officials said it is not expected that any other Marine Corps force will be present in the area of the 26th unit due to the ongoing shortage of available amphibious ships supervised by the US Navy.

Earlier, American officers in the Central Command’s operations area spoke of sailors facing fatigue and did not expect the fighting taking place in the Red Sea to be at such a high pace, which deprived them of contact with their families for over four months in addition to lacking rest periods, negatively affecting their work.

Deputy Commander of US Central Command, Admiral Brad Cooper, said that the last time the Navy participated in combat of this magnitude and intensity for several months was during World War II.

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