Calcalist: Eilat port has become empty, and the American alliance in the Red Sea is weak and powerless in the face of Yemeni attacks

The Calcalist newspaper titled a report “Israel Shows Weakness and Hesitation; Houthis Raise Their Heads.” It mentioned that swarms of drones coming from Yemen halted shipping operations at Eilat Port after half of the port’s workers were expelled.

Exclusive Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The newspaper stated that CEO Gideon Golber accused the state of failing to deal with the Houthi threats and neglecting the strategic national infrastructure. However, he still dreams of future link by train and goods transportation to Gaza as well.

The report indicated that on October 19, four cruise missiles and 15 drones were launched at the occupied territories by Yemeni forces. At that time, only a few people in Israel knew that the Houthis had attacked Israeli ships passing through the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea.

It stated that the settlement of Eilat (Umm Rashrash) has been prominently threatened by the Houthis, receiving a barrage of drones and cruise missiles in recent months.

It added that in the past two years before the war, the port witnessed a state of prosperity and a significant increase in the volume of goods passing through it. Within a few months, the situation has turned upside down, and the port has become empty, with workers facing the threat of expulsion and the state threatens to nationalize it again.

Gideon Golber, CEO of Eilat Port, said to Calcalist, “Unfortunately, since the end of November until today, we have had only 2-3 ships loaded with bulk cargo. Moreover, there is no activity at Eilat Port. Thus, Israel and the alliance countries have proven to be fearful, weak, and hesitant, and therefore the Houthis to raise their heads more and more.”

He revealed that the occupation loses between 6 to 10 million shekels per month (2.5 million dollars), including salaries and other expenses. He also announced that the port has received compensations for November and December, but they do not even cover the workers’ wages.

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