Urgent maintenance for “USS Eisenhower” as the process of towing it in the Red Sea is completed

On Monday, the US began an urgent maintenance operation for the aircraft carrier “USS Eisenhower” stationed in the Red Sea. This comes after completing the process of withdrawing it away from the waters near Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

American sources confirmed the arrival of a team of experts on board the USS Eisenhower, coming from the Al-Udeid base in Qatar, mentioning that a US military transport plane transported the technical team.

The discussion about the arrival of a technical team on board the aircraft carrier comes with the docking of the American warship on the coast of Madinah, which marks the first time the aircraft carrier has been transported to a foreign port.

American platforms on social media considered the docking of the ship off the Saudi coast, about 1100 nautical miles away, as an indication of a problem it is facing.

During the past two days, US forces have started the towing process of the American battleship from the southern Red Sea to its far north.

Navigation websites have shown that the towing process of the American battleship has been very slow, as it was moved off the coast of Jeddah and then further away towards Madinah.

The Yemeni armed forces announced targeting the American aircraft carrier for the second time within 24 hours, while the US forces refrained from acknowledging it, although they confirmed that escorting battleships of the “USS Eisenhower” were subjected to missile attacks, most notably the “USS Gravely.”

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