American confession of disability in front of Yemeni missiles… This is what the captain of the destroyer “Carney” admitted

The captain of the US destroyer USS Carney, General Jeremy Robertson, admitted the difficulty of the military confrontation in the Red Sea against the Yemeni forces, confirming the incapacity of American naval vessels to intercept Yemeni missiles.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In an interview with CBS News, General Robertson clarified that the US Navy has not encountered such a battle since World War II, indicating its ferocity.

The captain of the destroyer emphasized that “the US destroyer and other naval ships patrolling the Red Sea have been unable to intercept all of the Yemeni attacks.”

This statement from the captain of the “Carney” destroyer follows a previous statement in which he affirmed that “Yemeni ballistic missiles exceed the speed of sound, and they had only 30 seconds to respond, but all destroyers failed in their mission.”

Furthermore, the American website “Business Insider” published an important report highlighting the repercussions of the Yemeni military capabilities developed by the Sana’a forces, confirming that Yemeni missiles and drones have reached significant ranges.

The report also confirmed the failure of the alliance formed by the US and the European Union in the Red Sea to counter Sana’a’s attacks, which continue to target their objectives.

The website quoted a military expert emphasizing the lack of available information regarding the military capabilities possessed by Sana’a and its military arsenal capable of targeting various enemy ships.

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