Chinese website: The reputation of American aircraft carriers has suffered a major blow, and confidence in it has been broken

The Chinese website “Sohu” reported that the US aircraft carrier “USS Roosevelt” resorted to escaping to the South China Sea, fearing entering the range of missile operations carried out by the Houthis, so as not to be exposed to what happened to the “Eisenhower,” which left the Red Sea for repairs.

Exclusive Follow ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Chinese website stated that the US received bad news that the Yemeni forces targeted the “Eisenhower” and are planning at the same time to target the “Roosevelt” if it entered the range of their missile strikes, which is the aircraft carrier that Washington relies on heavily.

The website confirmed that “Roosevelt” found itself in an embarrassing situation, torn between returning to the South China Sea or moving forward. Satellite trajectory data reveals that the aircraft carrier has now returned to the South China Sea, where moving forward is not a good option, as is retreating, indicating its fear of the anticipated Yemeni strikes.

The Sohu website pointed out that the US currently lacks ready aircraft carriers, noting that the aircraft carrier “USS Reagan,” whose condition is unknown and whose aircraft performance during its last deployment was much less than usual, has now returned to the US for repairs.

It emphasized that if the “Roosevelt” reaches the Red Sea, it will not remain there beyond October at most, referring to the seriousness of the warning of the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, to target it directly, while the Chinese website stated that the “Houthis do not plan to let the “Roosevelt” pass easily, and if any emergency occurs, the US will face a major problem without aircraft carriers in both the Pacific and the Middle East.”

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