Sanaa’s New Offensive Systems Put Coalition in New bind

Sana’a unveiled military air and naval systems, which would enhance the capacity of its defense forces over the next year and put the coalition, particularly Saudi Arabia, in the range of imminent danger if “war and siege” continues.

The systems that were revealed during the inauguration of Sana’a Exhibition for Military Industries focused on drones, where Sana’a exhibited new and advanced versions, most notably “Eid”, “Samad 4” and “Shihab” in addition to Khatif, mersad, rejom and Naba’a, all of which have greater destructive capabilities, high technology and capable of flying, to great distances, according to what military officials confirm.

These systems would enhance air capabilities in this aspect, which have proven in recent years its effective in striking targets in the depths of Saudi Arabia, the last of which is the strategic Ras Tanura region east of Saudi Arabia.

The ballistic missiles followed the same track, a new and sophisticated series appeared in the exhibition, which Sana’a named “Sa`ir” and Qasim two, in addition to winged Al-Quds two missile.

The offensive systems also included naval mines. Sana’a offered upgraded versions of the “Karrar 1”, Karrar 2 and Karate 3, in addition to Asif two, Asif three and Asif four, not to mention “Shawahat, Thaqib, Aweys, Mujahid and Al Nazea’at.”

These systems have not been announced by Sana’a before and are likely to have been actively tested during the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia, but their appearance carries negative messages to Saudi Arabia, whose coalition spokesperson in 2015 spoke about the destruction of Yemeni missile capabilities, only weeks after declaring war on Yemen with the participation of 17 countries.

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