Saudi Arabia Uses Protests to Encirclement STC in Aden

Aden entered on Monday in a new turning point, in light of violence and unrest that prevailed in the city, hours after Hadi government arrived in Hadhramaut, indicating to a Saudi plan to drown STC in the swamp to force it on obedience to “Riyadh”.

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During the last hours, the city recorded deaths, injuries in clashes, explosions and Attempts to assassinate officials, at a time the wave of popular protests has escalated, denouncing the deterioration of services, on top of which electricity, where Saudi Arabia prevents the entry of fuel ships to solve the problem.

Two recruits in the security belt were killed and two others were injured, as a result of an attack carried out by southern giants’ forces on a security belt point on Alsafinah tour in responding on detaining a recruiter from the giants forces by the point.

Local sources said that clashes with various types of weapons took place in Dar saad district, amid mysterious fate to the director of security in the directorate, whose death is reported by sources.

Violent explosions rocked the city in the morning. One of them was caused by an explosive device planted by unknown persons near to Al-Qasr Hotel, it remotely detonated, when the car of the General Director of Buraiqa Directorate, Yunus Suleiman, passed by.

Earlier, Suleiman announced his resignation from his position in the transitional authority, among others waging a power struggle with leaders from military factions in the transitional that attempt to run the directorates. Suleiman’s driver was slightly injured.

Media reports indicate that the incident carries revenge motives and it is the first since Suleiman stayed at home 10 days ago

Another explosion rocked Enama’a area, when a procession for a military commander in STC passed by, according to the sources.

Although the features of the motives for these operations are not clear, whether they are conflicts within the STC factions, but it comes at a difficult time to STC, in light of Saudi pressure to return to Riyadh negotiations to implement the remaining provisions of the agreement sponsored by Saudi Arabia that provides to handover Aden to the Saudi forces, represented by Hadi’s government return to Hadhramaut and dismiss the military and security leaders loyal to him, not to mention flooding his strongholds with the war of services, that sparked  a wave of protests during the past hours and included all directorates of the province and it warns from expansion in light of indications to power outages what puts the transitional authority in front of a real dilemma that may end its existence.

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