End of Legitimacy Party in Al-Baidha

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Sana’a forces aborted the coalition’s dream of achieving a lightning victory in some districts of Al-Baidha, through utilizing al-Qaeda fighters stationed in As Sawma’ah district, and extremist Salafi giants’ forces, after Sana’a managed to lure these forces into ambushes and then carry out a counter-offensive operation and it was able to advance towards the positions of these forces before the recent escalation.

Exclusive-Alkhabar AlYemeni:

Scenes distributed by war media showed part of the operation to confront the forces loyal to coalition, including Al-Qaeda, in strategic locations in As Sawma’ah and Al-Zaher districts.

The scenes came to end a case of coalition’s media party and the forces loyal to it, which amounted to claiming that their forces had reached positions overlooking the city of Al-Baidha, and it is part of many scenes that a military source in Sana’a expects to be distributed by the military media, after the end of the operation aimed at completing the control of Al-Baidha province and expelling Al-Qaeda and ISIS organizations, according to previous statement.

Since the dawn of Tuesday, Sana’a forces have succeeded in regaining their positions in Al-Zaher district, and it began advancing towards As Sawma’ah district, the main stronghold of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. It also carried out missile and drone operations, targeting groups of anti-coalition forces, led to the death and injury of dozens of them.

The ceiling of media promotion by coalition for these battles has decreased, less than 24 hours after Al-Arabiya channel published news about the legitimate control on the strategic Mount Helmous, the same channel published news about an air raid targeting the mountain, as the pro-Saudi media, shifted from promoting victories to talking about inaction on the part of some forces.

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