Saudi Threat to UN over Yemen

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Saudi Arabia issued an official threat to the United Nations after it attacked its policy in Yemen, in a step that, in terms of timing, indicates the extent of pressure on Saudi Arabia, with Sana’a resuming ground and air operations in depth and its approach to Marib in light of the failure of its efforts through the United Nations to pass its political agenda.

Exclusive- Alkhabar alyemeni:

The official Al-Riyadh newspaper accused the United Nations of running a “suspicious policy” in Yemen, threatening by the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries to adopt a call under the name of “reforming the international system and building it on new foundations.”

The newspaper reviewed part of what it described as the corruption of United Nations and its violation of the sanctions embargo in Yemen and Syria, noting in her opening article entitled “The Obituary of the United Nations” that it has failed to establish peace in the region.

These accusations were described by observers as an attempt to blackmail Saudi Arabia into the international system after it failed to pass its agenda in Yemen and Syria despite its horrific pumping, a step that might bring Saudi and United Nations relations back into conflict again.

It also reveals part of the pressure that Saudi Arabia is experiencing as it approaches from the major defeat in Yemen in light of the indicators on the ground and the failure of international efforts to pass an agreement that would save Saudi Arabia’s face.

And the new attack, which coincides with China’s obstruction to the announcement of the new UN envoy, by abstaining so far from voting, he points out that Saudi Arabia is maneuvering not to cooperate with the new envoy affiliated with European Union, which has economic relations with Iran, in this context, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Naif Al-Hajraf, called to include Yemen file in Vienna negotiations, in a gesture that is the first of its kind since the beginning of peace efforts in Yemen, and Saudi Arabia’s requirement to keep the Yemen file away from the nuclear agreement negotiations with Iran.

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