Yemeni Guantanamo Detainees Return to Hadramaut

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In cooperation with its agents in the region, the United States is seeking to bring Yemen back into an open scene for terrorist groups.

According to human rights sources, the first batch of Yemeni Guantanamo detainees on Sunday arrived at Al Rayyan airport in Hadramaut province in eastern Yemen, in conjunction with the battles that Sana’a forces are fighting with terrorist groups in al-Baidha province and the participation of forces loyal to Abu Dhabi for the first time in those battles, along with al-Qaeda.

It is a batch of six individuals out of 18 detainees that Abu Dhabi intends to return back to Yemen.

This step is particularly important, as it is a new confirmation of the close link between coalition states and terrorist organizations in Yemen.

According to local sources in Hadramaut province, the return of detainees from the UAE to Yemen was carried out without coordination with the Hadi government.

Six years after Abu Dhabi took over Yemeni al-Qaeda detainees from the United States, the UAE is committed to resettling Yemeni detainees in the UAE in 2015.

According to many observers, Abu Dhabi’s move carries signs that the coalition is ready to fight more battles in Yemen, using terrorist organizations.

The UAE officials have confirmed in previous statements that the move is being made by the United States. This confirms that the activities of these organizations in Yemen totally sponsored by Washington.

Also, many observers said that the US silence on cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the UAE is that Washington is using terrorist organizations in Yemen dirtily, without heeding the serious implications of manipulating the terrorism card on security in the region and the world.

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