New Murder Against Captives, Abductees in Marib

At least two of captives and abductees were killed and six others injured when the Islah Party forces loyal to Saudi-led coalition opened fire at them in a prison of the militia in Marib city, eastern Yemen, informed sources said.

The captives and abductees rose up inside the military police camp prison in protest against cutting off medicine for many patients who were kidnapped from the roads while trying to travel for treatment abroad through the city of Marib, the sources explained.

The prisoners clashed with the guards of the prison by hands, which pushed the coalition forces to send military reinforcements from the special forces and the emergency police to the prison.

Brigadier General Naji Munif, leader of the military police militias of Hadi’s government, issued directives to shoot live bullets at unarmed prisoners, which led to the killing of two and the injury of six others, according to the sources.

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