Saudi Arabia Expands Expel Campaign of Yemeni Workers

Saudi Arabia expanded its campaign on Saturday, against Yemeni expatriates by starting to implement the southern scenario to expel workers in the east of the Kingdom, amid arrangements to summon Philippines to fill the void in a move that may reflect the extent of Saudi hatred and reveal part of its real war on Yemen, which it claims is to restore “legitimacy.”

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

While media reports stated that Saudi directives target Yemeni expatriates in the eastern regions, specifically, Dammam and Al-Ahsa, it stipulates the termination of contracts with all Yemeni nationals in preparations to deport them, media sources in Jizan revealed that the Universities of Bisha and Al Baha had terminated the contract with Yemeni academics after expelling nearly 100 employees. The number of Yemeni academics who have been dismissed so far from five Saudi universities in the south has risen to 300, with hundreds expected to join.

A few days ago, the Saudi authorities launched a campaign against Yemeni workers in Jizan, Najran and Asir border regions, by giving them four months to leave as part of a campaign targeting other regions in the Kingdom, especially after circulating the termination of the contract with Yemenis in all health facilities in the Kingdom amid expectations to deport about 800,000 expatriates.

In the context, Philippine Foreign Minister Teodorol Locsin revealed that he had received Saudi requests for new workers, noting that Saudi Arabia had invited his country to fill a gap in the health sector, in reference to the repercussions of its campaign on Yemeni workers in this sector.

Although Saudi Arabia has been trying for years to justify its war on Yemeni expatriates, whose entry and work in Saudi Arabia was guaranteed under Taif Agreement, however, the recent escalation revealed that the strategy of expelling Yemeni workers is part of the war plan that was started seven years ago by a military war and siege, it is now seeking through it to tighten the clamp on the country in which expatriates support millions of its families, especially in light of Saudi Arabia’s elimination to all necessities of life in it.

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