Saudi Coalition Exchange Accusations about Responsibility for Bloody Attack on al-Anad

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At least 40 were killed and over 60 were wounded in unknown missile and drone attacks on Al-Anad Air Base in Lahij province, southern Yemen during a morning queue of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

Informed sources confirmed that the recruits of the “Third Brigade” loyal to the exiled Hadi government, led by Abdul Rahman al-Lahji, “Abu Aisha”, were attacked anonymously, while the recruits receiving their salaries, killing 40 recruits and injuring 60 others.

The attack on the military base in Lahj triggered a war of mutual accusations between aggression factions of their involvement in the operation, amid reports of arrangements for a large-scale military battle between them.

Activists on social media accused the Abu Zara al-Muharami, the commander of Al-Amaliqa Brigade ((also known as Giants Brigades), of being behind the attack the brigade’s recruits, because of their commander loyalty to Hadi government.

“Abdul Rahman al-Lahji, commander of the brigade whose members were targeted at al-Anad base, was not subject to the UAE and refused to be a follower,” Fared Alawlaqi said in a tweet.

“Today, the UAE is taking revenge on him and his members during the morning queue,” he added.

Bassem Hafez al-Yemeni explained: “The camp that was bombed at Al-Anad belonging to Third Al-Amaliqa Brigade, led by Abu Aisha al-Lahji, before Abu Zara al-Yafei divided the brigade and dispersed its members belonging to the Area of Sabiha and Lahj”, after they entered into confrontations with UAE forces in Mocha and the west coast.

The attack came after local media reported that UAE forces had left al-Anad base in mid-July, following the arrival of US and Saudi forces at the base through the port of Aden.

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