Protest Rally in Bahrain Against War on Yemen

Dozens of citizens in Bahrain went out on Friday in an angry protest rally to condemn the futile war waged by the Saudi-led coalition on the Yemen.

In the rally, the participants hold banners bearing the name “Friday of Yemen”, emphasizing the option of resistance against the Saudi-American coalition.

They renewed their position rejecting the normalization of the Al Khalifa regime with the Zionist enemy, especially the recent meeting that gathered the Khalifah Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad with prime minister of the usurping entity at the last climate summit.

Bahrain has witnessed a double security militarization since the start of normalization with “Israel enemy”, and an angry popular rejection, the last of which was the demonstration that erupted confrontations between the angry protests and the mercenary forces that Bahrain brought in to maintain its security, which resulted in the arrest of many demonstrators.

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