Pictures Reveal Emirati-Israeli Military Base Overlooking Bab Al-Mandab

An investigative investigation has revealed that the UAE had established a new military base on the island of Abd al-Kuri in the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra.

The investigation, prepared by the “ICAD” investigation platform website, said that “the UAE has established a new military base on the Yemeni island of Abd al-Kuri, near Bab al-Mandab.”

The website said that it had obtained satellite images that were published for the first time in the media for the UAE military base on Abd al-Kuri Island, explaining that the aerial images showed the presence of an aircraft runway on the island with a width of 30 meters and a length of 540 meters under construction.

The photos published by ICAD showed the emergence of a paved dirt road, which later turned out to be an aircraft runway that will soon be paved with asphalt and concrete.

The pictures also showed the presence of two roads extending to the buildings, the first of which connects the port with tents and small buildings; to facilitate the provision of supplies and equipment, and the second connects these tents to the airstrip; to facilitate movement to and from the runway.

ICAD pointed out that through the tracking that lasted for months; the investigation team found that the facilities and housing began to appear in early December 2021, indicating that the first features of the runway began to appear on the 26th of the same month.

Last November, the Israeli navy established an advanced military center on the island of Abd al-Kuri for maritime surveillance towards the Gulf of Aden and the Bab Al-Mandab strait.

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