American Diplomat Reveals Biden Administration’s Division about Houthis

The former US ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, revealed Biden administration’s situation in facing of what he described as “Houthis.”

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

This came in an article published by the most prominent foreign policy theorists in the United States “War on the Rocks” website, under the title ” Peacemaker Case in order to classify Houthis.”

Fierstein, who is currently the senior vice president of the Middle East Institute in Washington, said there is a division among US lawmakers, noting that a group believes that a friendly dialogue should take place between “Houthis” and Saudi Arabia, as they are the first stakeholders and have the decision to stop the war, this is what is opposed by others who see the necessity of involving other Yemeni factions in the dialogue.

Feirstein, who sent a letter to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, along with others, rejecting the designation of Anssarrallah on the list of “terrorists” until the reclassification of the movement will not represent any harm to its leaders, who confirmed that they did not travel, they do not have financial assets as much as it will harm the interests of millions of Yemenis, who may be affected by the decision repercussions, with paralyzing the movement of humanitarian organizations, banks and merchants. He stressed on the need of US to communicate with “Houthis.”

He also stressed on Washington’s vulnerability in confronting “Houthis.” In light of the influence’s scarcity on them, the ineffectiveness of direct military participation, or even on the decision to place them on the sanctions list. He explained that the situation requires the support of all major forces to end the suffering, in reference to lifting the siege and start reconstruction, in addition to creating a common understanding for obstacles to reach a peaceful solution, recognizing the facts on the ground, which considered the starting point for a political solution.

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