Abdulsalam Reveals New Details about Extending UN Truce in Yemen

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The head of Sana’a government negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, affirmed on Thursday that the extension of the humanitarian truce in Yemen for additional two months took place after President Mahdi al-Mashat responded to a UN message.

Abdulsalam said on Twitter: “After a long discussion with the United Nations and other parties and submitting an international message to the President of the Supreme Political Council, it was able to accept the extension of the armistice for humanitarian reasons provided that what has not been completed during the past two months will be done.”

“The lesson is the extent to which the other party adheres to its commitments, so that a comprehensive study of the humanitarian situation is conducted,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the UN envoy had announced that the parties had reached an agreement to extend the armistice, to go into force at seven o’clock from the Thursday evening, for an additional two months.

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