Sana’a Demands Permanent Opening of Airports, Ports, Roads

The Minister of Transport in the Sana’a government, Abdulwahab Al-Durra, on Sunday called for the permanent and continuous opening of airports, ports, and roads, without specifying a period or a truce.

During a press conference, Al-Durra demanded also that the port of Hodeida be opened to container ships and that importers be allowed to enter all goods and commodities.

He called for the continued entry of fuel ships to cover the needs of citizens, without limiting it to a particular time, and for programming the flights approved under the armistice and giving them permissions at an early date in order to allocate a fixed space for patients.

“The Saudi-led coalition demands that we submit passenger lists 48 hours before travel, which makes it difficult for families to benefit from them, especially the sick and the elderly,” he said.

Sana’a Transport Minister pointed out that an agreement was signed with the Higher Medical Committee, the Civil Aviation Authority and Yemeni Airlines to allocate 30% of the incoming flights seats for sick cases.

He added that the mechanism of the Office of the UN Envoy to approve flights and give permits has led to the failure of the implementation of flights during the last period, which is unacceptable.

Only six flights to Amman and another to Cairo were carried out in the past two months and transported 2,424 passengers to and from Sanaa, Amman and Cairo during the last truce, while the number of patients who need to travel for treatment amounted to tens of thousands and thousands of expatriates and students, he explained.

In turn, Chairman of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs, Walid Al-Wade’i, called for re-opening the main crossing and roads in all provinces, especially the roads of trucks transporting goods and mass transit buses.

Al-Wade’i called on the coalition forces to open each of Qa’taba – Dhalea – Aden Road, Rahida-Taiz Road, Karsh – Aden Road, and Sana’a – Marib – Al-Abr – Al-Wadeah road.

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