American Manipulation in Yemen Truce

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After years of neglect, United States put forward the Yemen file to bargain with Saudi Arabia again. Will Washington push toward war or to get its rebel allies out of the quagmire?

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The US administration, whose president promised before his arrival at White House to end the war on Yemen and isolate Saudi Arabia, is now trying to rebuild on these two bases, in an attempt to restore its relationship with Riyadh, but the most dangerous thing is that US plan may carry retaliatory implications from Riyadh in this battle to its knees.

As US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region continues to falter due to Saudi Arabia’s reluctance, which has become appealing to Biden’s heart with the midterm elections approaching, the move started again on Yemen file, although this file remained suspended in the eyes of Americans.

On the political front, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reiterated that Saudi Arabia is a part in the war on Yemen, and he said in his latest statement that it was the one who agreed to extend the armistice, in reference to its prominent role in the war and the siege.

Blinken described the truce as “fragile”. However, he did not rule out the establishment of a comprehensive settlement, thus, he places Saudi Arabia between the two options to abort the truce or to proceed with it. What is clear is that US is pushing with all its might to explode the situation militarily, especially since Blinken’s reduction to the armistice came in parallel with Biden administration’s recognition of a letter to Congress, on the eve of the Supreme War Powers discussion, that provides for US deployment forces “combat ready” to Yemen.

Biden included in the memo, which he said was to inform Congress on the situation, a text on the relationship of his forces with the Saudi-led coalition and cooperation with it, including the protection of US interests in Saudi Arabia.

It is not yet clear the motives of America’s in moving the Yemeni file at this time, However, its coincidence with the escalation on the fronts of Lebanon and the return of differences with Iran to their climax over the nuclear file indicates that the United States, whose president vowed to isolate bin Salman, began preparing the American street for the new reality, in the hope of obtaining Saudi support before the elections, at least by increasing production in light of  Saudi threat to reduce it. It plans to throw her last paper in the Yemen war, including the contradictions that Saudi Arabia will intercede for it.

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