Aden: STC Sets Date for Major Rebellion Against Saudi-Backed Government

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The mobilization committee of the UAE-backed “Southern Transitional Council” (STC) on Tuesday set the date for the major uprising against the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council in Aden city, southern Yemen.

According to YPA, the committee confirmed that the itinerary of the crowds will be from Zakou’s intersection in the Crater area to the gate of Ma’ashiq Palace, where members of the Presidential Council and the government reside, next Saturday afternoon, accompanied by civil disobedience in the city.

The committee pointed out that the uprising comes as a protest against the non-payment of salaries, the collapse of basic services, including electricity, health and water, and the rise in prices in Aden.

This comes after the STC committee gave Al- Alimi’s Council ten days to improve the currency rate and electricity service and pay employee salaries in early June.

The STC is pushing the masses to besiege the Al-Alimi’s Council and the Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, inside the Ma’ashiq Palace, and expel them from Aden by sea, similar to the “hungry” uprising in mid-March 2021.

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