Sana’a Holds Saudi Coalition Full Responsibility for Escalation Against Truce

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Minister of Defense in Sana’a government, Mohammed al-Atefi, held on Saturday the Saudi-led coalition full responsibility for the escalation and repudiation of the UN-brokered truce.

“The coalition doesn’t want to understand the language of honorable peace,” he said during his visit to affiliates of the Sixth Military Region.

“The countries of Saudi coalition must understand of military professionalism with high-impact and technical weapons that we have, and we promise them that the interception missiles, Patriots and others that coalition is tempted to buy have become out of control and influence by our ballistic missiles and our drones, because our Yemeni competence and expertise in the military industry has reached advanced levels of military technology, which the fields of confrontation will talk about, to send an appropriate message to the leadership of the Saudi coalition,” the minister explained.

Major General Al-Atefi stressed that the omens of the great victory loomed in the foreheads of the brave heroes who chose the approach of confrontation against the aggressors, occupiers and invaders.

Al-Atefi pointed out that the enemies of the nation have prepared their power and calculations to impose aggressive occupation situations on Yemen and its people, as well as to plunder its resources to serve their open ambitions in the region, but they neglected to realize the ability of the Yemeni people and its army, popular forces and the free tribesmen who have been able to turn the equation and change the scales of powers.

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