Saudi Forces Commit Racist Massacre Against Yemeni Expatriates

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Saudi border guards continued to commit more crimes against Yemeni expatriates who entered Saudi territory in a search for the living, well-informed sources told Yemen Press Agency on Friday.

The sources said that Saudi forces intercepted five residents from the area “Shaaban” in the directorate of Razeh, entered Jizan in search of a job opportunity, Saudi forces fired at them killing one and wounding four others.

Saudi guard forces have committed four murders against Yemeni expatriates since the beginning of May, killing and wounding dozens of civilians, the sources said.

On Thursday, Saudi forces killed a young Yemeni man, Bandar Faisal Gibran Jaber Jaber, from al-Yaacoub, in Razeh district, in a cold blood.

Saudi Border Guards Kill Yemeni Youth in Asir

The sources confirm that Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia, especially those who entered Saudi territory in search for jobs, are subjected to the most heinous racist crimes by the authorities of the Saudi regime in light of the silence of the international community.

Saudi forces used to commit murders against young Yemenis at the border who were trying to enter Saudi Arabia in search for jobs in the Kingdom.

The Saudi force also prevented the bodies of victims to leave Saudi territory, in order not to capture any evidence against Saudi regime authorities about their crimes they committed in violation of international law and international humanitarian law.

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