“Sexual” Scandals of Organizations Spark Widespread Controversy

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The organizations operating in Yemen ignited a new controversy with the spread of pictures while training young men and girls in a vulgar way.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Activists on social media launched a new campaign against these organizations, accusing them of running immoral campaigns.

The campaign coincided with a wide spread of pictures from training halls run by organizations through donor funds for girls and young men being taught how to inflate a balloon and others to play “cards”.

Activists pointed out that these trainings spend thousands of dollars from donor funds to support those who were supposed to be facing starvation in Yemen.

Criticisms were not limited to spending only, but also about the goals that organizations seek, aims to tear apart the fabric of conservative society by mixing girls and boys with marginal activities.

For his part, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the rescue Government in Sana’a, Hussein Al-Ezzi, described the pictures that were circulated as “unfortunate and shocking.” He pointed out that the organizations operating in Sana’a government areas have nothing to do with it.

Al-Ezzi demanded to stop the abusive campaigns, especially since it is at an inappropriate time, considering the organizations are guests of Yemen.

He also pointed out that there are errors in the work of organizations, but they remain within the framework of a state that has laws and institutions that hold accountable for error and value what is humane.

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