Anssarallah Accuses US of Trying to Thwart UN Truce in Yemen

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Member of Anssarallah’s Political Bureau, Ali Al-Qahoum, affirmed on Tuesday that “the US moves are still plotting aggressive plots to thwart the UN-brokered humanitarian truce in Yemen.”

Ali Al-Qahoum, explained that the escalation by the American tools, “Saudi Arabia and the UAE”, through intransigence and disavowal in implementing the terms of the armistice, which came to take into account the humanitarian aspects.

“The Yemeni people are aware of the danger of the American moves in the Red Sea and Hadramout, and in other areas that represent the spearhead of the Saudi-led aggression coalition,” Al-Qahoum said on Twitter.

He pointed out that the options for defense and confrontation would be open, noting that the coalition, which has declared war on Yemen from Washington, will not be able to achieve its diabolical projects for eight years.

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