UN Envoy: Serious Discussions to Expand Economic Tracks in Yemen

The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, considered that the unilateral measures to open the roads would be a serious step to discuss and expand economic and security tracks in Yemen.

In his briefing to the Security Council on Monday on developments in Yemen, Grundberg said, “The parties stressed the importance of building on the UN- brokered armistice.”

“I will continue to explore the possibility of extending the armistice agreement for a longer period and expanding its scope, and this would provide time and opportunity to start serious discussions about the economic and security tracks,” he added.

The briefing of the UN envoy did not include the crime of the Saudi bombing that targeted the Yemeni village of “Burkan” in Saada, last Saturday, which led to the death and injury of 16 civilians.

The UN envoy also did not mention the continued detention of ships coming to the ports of Hodeida by the Saudi-led coalition, or the obstruction of flights to Sanaa airport, according to the armistice agreement.

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