In Detailed Figures…Alarming Rise in Crime Rates in Southern Provinces

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The southern provinces under the control of the coalition and its Presidential Council witnessed an alarming rise in crime rates in light of the disintegration of security institutions and the spread of lawlessness manifestations.

The Southern Governorates Media Center monitored an increase in crime rates during the second quarter of this year, by 90% compared to the rates in the first quarter.

The center’s statistics monitored 2,951 crimes committed during the past three months, at a daily rate of 32 crimes, compared to 1,400 crimes monitored during the first three months of this year.

According to the center, “the crimes of assassinations and their attempts that targeted military, civilian and party leaders and academics amounted to 368 crimes.” and it led to the killing of 194 people, of whom 147 survived,” while “the total of arbitrary arrests reached 256 operations targeting activists and trade unionists, and 47 crimes of kidnapping, some of which involved women and children.”

And “the crimes of burglary and extortion on public and private properties amounted to 357.” the statistic also monitored “231 crimes targeting military convoys, crews and troop vehicles, s well as, “activists and trade unions were subjected to 79 threats, and 37 raids on citizens’ homes in the cities of Aden and Lahij.

According to the center’s statistics, “extortion crimes by force of arms rose to 401 crimes, including 278 crimes that affected merchants, money men, businessmen, factories, shops and investment companies in a number of southern cities.”

Chief among them is Aden and “as well as” 123 crimes of extortion and looting committed by criminal gangs against pedestrians and travelers on the roads of Tur-Al Bahah and Mudarabah, as a result, a number of citizens were killed.”

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