Hadramout: Islah Deploys Forces in Trim City

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Forces of the first military region affiliated Islah party on Wednesday intensified their deployment in the districts of Hadramout province, eastern Yemen, in conjunction with an escalation of the UAE-backed Southern Transnational Council (STC)’s militias to take control over all the districts, southern media reported, citing sources.

According to the sources, the first military region deployed on the streets of Trim district, and created checkpoints on the road linking the districts of Seiyun and Trim.

The cities of Seiyun and Trim have been witnessing an intensive military deployment in the main squares and roads.

The mobilization of the military region’s forces comes after the “STC” approved an escalatory program that includes marches and demonstrations demanding the replacement of those forces by “Hadrami elite” forces funded by the UAE.

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