Yemeni Ambassador Accused of Selling 60 Gold Archaeological

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Yemeni activists on Thursday accused a Yemeni ambassador of being involved in a large-scale operation of selling Yemen’s antiquities abroad.

This comes on the heels of the sale of about 60 gold masterpieces at auctions without inaction.

According to Yemen Press Agency, A Yemeni activist and researcher specialized in tracing looted and stolen Yemeni antiquities, Abdullah Mohsen, spotted the sale of only 60 smuggled gold artifacts at the British Timeline Auction.

The auctions were held last Tuesday in London, he added.

He also pointed out that auctions are continuing at the famous Mayfair Hotel and that the lowest Yemeni masterpiece has been sold for $ 1190.

Activists have appealed to Yemeni Ambassador of the coalition-backed government Yassin Saeed Noman in the UK, to intervene and stop selling Yemen’s antiquities cheaply, but he did nothing about it, which reflects his involvement in the operation.

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