Pro-UAE Media Accuse “Islah” of Looting Oil, Gas Revenues in Marib

Pro-UAE media have accused the Islah Party authorities loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Marib province of looting 800 billion riyals annually of oil and gas revenues in Marib without depositing them at the Central Bank of Aden.

According to “Al-Umana Net” website, the Riyadh-formed “Presidential Council”, headed by Rashad Al-Alimi, had failed to force the Ialah authorities to deposit those huge sums to the Bank of Aden.

The website explained that the Islah authorities in Marib receive huge revenues from gas, whether in the province under the authority of the Supreme Political Council in Sanaa, or under the control of the pro-coalition forces loyal to “Saudi Arabia and the UAE” in southern Yemen.

In mid-August, Al-Alimi directed his deputy, president of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, to manage the so-called “Supreme Committee for Financial Resources” of all land, sea and air ports, and oil and gas sources.

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