Armistice End, Additional Hours for Negotiations before Returning to War

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The period specified for the armistice ended at six o’clock in the evening today, Sunday, amid reports of ongoing intensive negotiations between Sana’a and the Saudi-led coalition through Arab and foreign international mediators to avoid a return to war.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

According to an exclusive source, the coalition, despite generally agreeing to most of Sana’a’s demands, refrains from discussing the details and executive mechanisms necessary to implement the truce, and seeks to divide some demands. While Sana’a stresses that the payment of salaries should include all categories of the public sector without fragmentation.

In this context, Sanaa directed all its military units to remain fully prepared and await instructions, and a statement is expected to be issued within the few hours unless negotiations result in an agreement for an extended truce.

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