Sana’a Declares Latest Developments Regarding UN Armistice in Yemen

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The Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, called, tonight, on the coalition countries to immediately end what it described as the aggression.

A statement issued by the council said that the forces of Sana’a “will not stand idly by if the war and siege continue, and will put the airports, ports and oil companies of the countries of Saudi coalition within their range of fire.”

Sana’a SPC warned the oil companies operating in the coalition countries to continue their work, and also warned the shipping companies against moving to them so that they would not be exposed to danger if the coalition insisted on continuing its siege and aggression.

The Council assured the Yemeni people that the armed and security forces are able to defend and protect them and restore their rights

In the meantime, the Minister of Defense in the Sana’a government, Major General Muhammad Nasser al-Atifi, said “We will not allow anyone to prejudice Yemeni sovereignty or even discuss it remotely.”

During the ceremony organized by the Ministry of Defense and General Staff to commemorate the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, Major General Al-Atifi stressed that the lands, waters, seas and wealth of the Republic of Yemen are the basis of Yemeni sovereignty, and the armed forces are committed to protecting them.

“We will not abandon sovereignty as long as our arteries continue to flow with blood and our hearts pulse with loyalty and belonging to Yemen,” he said.

He pointed out that Yemen is at a historical turning point in which the Yemeni armed forces would spare no effort in possessing the capabilities, capabilities, resources and methods to keep pace with the confrontation and struggle against the Zionist project in the region.

The Minister of Defense urged the armed forces to exercise more vigilance, effort, training and rehabilitation, and always be ready to defend the homeland.

Earlier tonight, the spokesman for the Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, issued a new warning and warning to the oil companies operating in the countries of the Saudi-Emirati coalition.

It is the first of its kind after the end of the armistice and the coalition’s refusal to respond to the humanitarian demands put forward by Sana’a, which include paying employees’ salaries and lifting the siege on Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeidah.

Through its spokesperson, the Sana’a forces gave the oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia an opportunity to arrange their situation and leave, in a direct warning of the imminent targeting of these companies, in response to the coalition’s rejection of Sanaa’s humanitarian conditions for extending the truce.

Brigadier General Saree affirmed that “as long as the countries of the “American-Saudi aggression” are not committed to a truce that grants the Yemeni people the right to exploit their oil wealth for the benefit of the Yemeni state employees’ salary,” he concluded with what resembles a final warning by saying: “He who warns has been excused.”

In another tweet, a spokesman for the Sana’a forces threatened to “deprive the Saudi and Emirati of their resources if they insist on depriving our Yemeni people of their resources and the initiator is darker,” referring to the Sana’a forces’ possession of the strategic force to implement what they promised if the coalition insisted on besieging the Yemeni people and using the card. The economy is a weapon to subjugate the Yemenis, according to observers.

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