Taiz University Students Demand Disclosure of Colleague’s Fate

Dozens of students from Taiz University demanded on Monday the disclosure of one of the student’s fates who disappeared mysteriously on the university campus last Thursday.

The students of Taiz university, which is under coalition authorities’ control, raised banners of solidarity with the family of the student “Noha”, demanding the presidency and guard the university to quickly reveal the fate of the student, and to install surveillance cameras at the university in order to secure the students there.

The police affiliated with Islah in Taiz denied that the student “Noha” was kidnapped from inside the university, indicating, according to its spokesperson, Osama Al-Sharabi, that the issue of the student’s disappearance is still under investigation and research.

They considered that talking about the details of the kidnapping of the student would affect the course of the proceedings.

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