Saudi Hinting at Return of War Raises Controversy in Yemen

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Saudi Arabia returned to waving the war card in Yemen again. This comes in light of its failure to pass its agenda by concluding a fragile truce without benefits.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Saudi Arabia pushed the Minister of Defense in Aden government to the fore again.

The Saudi Al-Hadath channel conducted an interview with Minister Mohsen Al-Daari, in which he talked about their arrangement for a military escalation in the event that the armistice was not extended.

Al-Daari, who admitted that his factions do not have any military capabilities, tried to marketing Saudi promises to arm and support his factions, even though Saudi Arabia has supported these factions for more than eight years, to no avail.

Although Al-Daari’s statements coincided with the news that Sana’a rejected a Saudi offer that did not include the payment of salaries from oil and gas revenues, what indicates that it is a maneuver nothing more, however, it raised a lot of irony, including what was included in the minister’s speech, who did not know, according to activists, that the truce, which he threatened to escalate if it collapsed. It had already ended at the beginning of last month, and that the minister himself could not visit a camp belonging to his factions, whether those in Aden which are officially affiliated with the Transitional Council or those in Marib and follow Islah party, not to mention the rest of the factions on the West Coast that are affiliated with Tariq Saleh, or those that are loyal regionally and internationally.

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