Investigation Light on French-American Ambitions to Loot Yemen’s Oil

An investigation has revealed new details about French-American ambitions to loot Yemen’s gas wealth, under the title “Gas Wasted Energy”.

The investigation, which was broadcast by Al-Masirah TV on Friday, confirmed that Yemen’s declared reserves of gas, a ceiling of 18 trillion and 300 billion cubic feet, are limited to sectors 18 and 5.

It pointed out that the ambitions to increase the allocations for operating the gas liquefaction station and export in Balhaf revealed nearly 4 trillion cubic feet of undeclared gas in a number of sectors.

Acting Chairman of the Oil Exploration and Production Authority, Adel Al-Hazmi, affirmed that the gas wealth is not limited to Marib or Shabwa and Hadramout only, but also includes Jawf province.

Al-Hazmi stated that the seismic surveys carried out in Jawf sectors and the wells drilled there in more than one sector reflected encouraging results regarding gas wealth, indicating that foreign interventions prevented the completion of investment in Jawf, especially there are companies that submitted offers in this regard.

He revealed that Saudi Arabia has always refused to exchange information about the results of surveys and exploratory work related to the border area, other than Oman, which exchanged information with us.

In turn, the head of the General Organization for Oil and Gas, Mahmoud al-Num, explained that the potential of the oil and gas sector in Yemen would be great and reach an advanced level in this industry in the appropriate circumstances.

“There are more than 13 residue basins in Yemen, and production during the previous period was limited to 18% of only two basins of residue.”

In addition, the former spokesman for the Ministry of Oil in Sana’a, Hassan Al-Zaidi, said, “The struggle of the coalition’s tools and foreign agendas in Shabwa is a race to control the gas wealth.”

Al-Zaidi stressed that the decision to protect wealth and the steps implemented in this context thwarted the American-French arrangements to re-liquefy and export gas and loot it, as happened with oil.

He pointed out that the French and American ambitions had been based on the possibility of gas production from sectors other than the previous ones, in light of the readiness of the transport and liquefaction infrastructure.

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