Sana’a Threatens to Resume Cross-Border Attacks

Sana’a forces received on Sunday, a green light to carry out military operations in the Saudi and Emirati depths, in conjunction with the return of escalation to the forefront of the scene in Yemen.

The House of Representatives and Shura Council, the highest legislative authority in the country, confirmed their support for the resumption of cross-border attacks.

Al-Masirah channel, which speaks on behalf of Anssarallah government” quoted on a number of Shura leaders as saying that targeting the Saudi and Emirati depths is the guarantee to turn the coalition to the right path.

Yahya al-Mahdi, head of Shura Council’s Defense and Security Committee, considered the strike force and bombing strategic targets is the only way to end the “aggression.”

Legislation of military operations is part of the arrangements recently initiated by Sana’a and it predicts the resumption of military operations with the failure of efforts to extend the armistice and the end of an unannounced agreement related to Qatar World Cup.

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