Oil Sparks New Battle between Sana’a and Saudi Coalition

A new battle raged on Monday, between Sana’a and the coalition, with the expansion of oil crisis. Meanwhile, the coalition forces have tightened their siege on the port of Hodeida during the past hours, while detaining more fuel ships.

The oil company in Sana’a confirmed that the coalition had detained five fuel ships in the port of Jazan while it was on its way to Hodeida.

The escalation in the detention of fuel ships coincides with Sanaa’s continued prevention of oil smuggling from its export ports in eastern Yemen.

According to media reports, Sana’a prevented a new cargo ship that was on its way to the port of Mukalla from exporting a new shipment. Referring to the ship’s departure from the territorial waters east of Yemen, it had received warning calls from Sana’a.

In the context, sources in Aden government revealed an American attempt to barter oil exports for fuel ships in Hodeida. Stressing Sana’a’s rejection to this equation and its adherence to the necessity of agreeing on fuel revenues for the benefit of employees’ salaries and not linking humanitarian benefits to political and military files.

The United States had warned, through more than one official, to prevent the entry of oil derivatives in response to Sana’a’s decision to stop the looting of Yemen’s oil wealth.

Recent developments will accelerate the return of confrontations to the forefront of the scene, with Sana’a hinting at the resumption of cross-border attacks.

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