Sana’a Ready to Submit File of Coalition’s Crimes to International Criminal Court: Official

The Minister of Human Rights in Sana’a government, Ali Al-Dailami, affirmed that Sana’a is ready to submit the crimes of the US- Saudi-Emirati coalition to the International Criminal Court.

“We are ready to request the international tribunal and our cases are ready, the only problem is the protection that America provides to criminals,” he said. He explained that the American and British role is the most dangerous in obstructing cases demanding the prosecution of criminals.

He pointed out that the international community and UN Security Council represent a problem with the human rights issue, considering that the Security Council represent part of the problems facing the movement to expose violations and crimes of US-Saudi coalition.

The Minister of Human Rights stated that there are more than 170 Arab and international organizations that issued statements calling for holding the US-Saudi coalition accountable for its crimes in Yemen.

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