UAE Lays Off Hundreds of Workers in the Most Important Oil Sectors in Yemen

The major foreign oil companies announced, on Tuesday, the dismissal of the services of hundreds of Yemeni workers in the most important sectors in eastern Yemen.

Exclusive- Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Austrian company, “OMV.” which UAE holds a large share in it, sent a message to all its employees of sector “s2”, informing them on official termination of their contract with the company, starting from the twentieth of last December.

Although the company tried to justify the process of collective layoffs of Yemeni workers by stalling the resumption of production and security reasons. Sources at the Ministry of Oil in Aden government revealed that the move is a natural reflection on the sale of the sector, which was revealed a few days ago by the Emirati Company, ADNOC, to a sub-managed British company.

The sources expected that the step would pave the way for bringing in new employees. Considering the banner “security reasons” an attempt not to hand over the dues of former employees and to evade them.

The Austrian company had also laid off hundreds of employees of “s4” sector after selling it to a fake company.

The “S2” sector is the fourth sector in Shabwah that UAE sells to foreign companies managed by subcontractors since it took control of the oil province years ago and used its influence to control the oil fields.

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