Aden: Displaced People Held Protest

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Dozens of displaced people in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden held a protest for the sixth consecutive day, condemning looting of their financial aid allocated to them.

Local media reported that the displaced people in the second camp of the city of Sha’ab, west of Aden, staged a protest rally after one of the organizations working in the camp looted their financial dues.

The protesters accused the organization “INTERSOS” operating in the camp of looting their financial dues and withdrawing them from Al-Amal Bank under fictitious names for those who do not deserve them.

The displaced people in Aden confirmed that they cannot even leave the camp because the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias arrested them and fabricated false charges against them.

They revealed that many of the camp’s youth were arrested by the STC militias while they were leaving the camp in search of a living in Aden and fabricated charges of spying for Sana’a forces after being tortured in their prisons.

It is worth mentioning that the displaced people of the live in dire humanitarian conditions, (tragic conditions) more than 180 families from the West Coast live in difficult conditions in which they lack water, electricity, food and medicine, in addition to adequate housing and poor health services.

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