Sana’a to Organize Conference for Maritime Security Next Week

Deputy Prime Minister of the Sana’a Government for Defense and Security Affairs, Lieutenant General Jalal Al- Rowishan, on Monday revealed the Sana’a messages to be carried by the Maritime Security Conference, which will be held on January 22.

L.G. Al-Rowishan confirmed in a press statement that the Maritime Security Conference on January 22 carries a two-fold message, which is that Yemen is only concerned with protecting its shores and territorial waters and that it is a partner in the security of international passages.

He declared that there can be no peace at sea if sovereignty is not achieved for the Yemeni territorial waters and islands.

“There is no concession or fragmentation regarding our absolute sovereignty over our sea, land and air territory, and we will face any threat to our territorial waters or our islands,” he said.

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