Combating Corruption, Funds Prosecution Recover Billions of Riyals to State Treasury in 2022

Sana’a-based Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, Oversight and Anti-Corruption Sector Agencies, issued its first annual report on the level of implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2022-2026 in its first year, as part of the national vision to build the modern Yemeni state.

The report, which was reviewed during a special event hosted by the House of Representatives in the presence of the Speakers of the House of Representatives, Yahya Ali Al-Raei, and Ministers Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, and Shura Mohammed Hussein Al-Aidarous, and the Supreme Judiciary, Judge Ahmed Yahya Al-Mutawakel, on Sunday, the Combating Corruption Authority and the Public Funds Prosecution have recovered billions of riyals to the state treasury.

He pointed out that the authority recovered 276 million and 584 thousand and 476 riyals, and 289 thousand dollars to the state treasury, it seized two billion and 454 million and 964 thousand and 800 riyals, and 37 million and 201 thousand and 615 dollars in banks.

The report pointed out that the measures to seize funds in corruption cases by the Authority included circulating the seizure of eight billion and 70 million and 248 thousand riyals, and the amount of 53 million and 437 thousand and 512 dollars.

He explained that during the first year of implementing the strategy, the authority received two thousand and 294 notifications and preventive measures, and issued one thousand and 274 preventive measures in this regard.

The report indicated that in the field of preventive measures related to reducing tax and customs evasion, it was carried out in coordination with the Customs Authority during the first year of implementation of the strategy, one thousand and 704 taxpayers were tracked, of which one thousand and 154 cases were completed and 553 cases are still in progress.

The report stressed that this has achieved a financial impact on a number of activities and tax awareness, including linking taxes and fines on Qat taxes to the amount of 240 million and 879 thousand and 180 riyals and stop the tax figures for 22 customs brokers, and collect the tax from nine brokers in the amount of two billion and 708 million and 289 thousand and 813 riyals.

He stated that a number of directors of sub-units in the provinces were changed to activate measures to combat tax evasion, which led to an increase in the toll during the year 2022, to eight billion and 316 million and 923 thousand and 499 riyals, after it was previously 244 million and 872 thousand and 451 riyals.

The report dealt with the achievements of the Office of the Attorney General of Public Funds Prosecutions and Public Funds Prosecutions, including the completion of 486 cases by 87 percent by the Office of the Attorney General of Public Funds Prosecutions during the first year of implementation of the strategy, The money prosecutors completed 231,000 cases, or 26 percent.

According to the report, the total amounts collected by decisions of the prosecutions through representatives of the authorities amounted to nine billion and 649 million and 204 thousand riyals, in addition to the implementation of the judgments of 694 cases of the total cases in which judgments were issued, while the amounts recovered by judicial rulings amounted to 493 million and 132 thousand riyals.

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