New Crisis with Hadhrami Decision to Overthrow the South

A new crisis raged on Monday, between the Hadhrami and southern forces, especially STC. This was in the wake of the Hadhrami’s decision to turn the tables and adopt the overthrow of the most important strongholds of the Council.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Supporters of the transitional government attacked the Saudi-Hadhrami businessman, Abdullah Bugshan, following the emergence of a new TV channel that raised the flag and image of the south.

The activists considered the move an attempt by Bugshan, along with Hadhrami forces and with Saudi support, to turn the tables. Especially since opening the channel coincided with the escalation of the Transitional Council towards Hadhramaut, what aims to dismantle the southern powers and weaken the transitional.

Bugshan is one of the most prominent leaders assigned by Saudi Arabia to manage Hadhramaut file, and he previously stood firmly against the transitional efforts to annex the oil-rich and strategically located province to the transitional authority in Aden.

launching the channel coincided with the escalation of Hadhrami leaders, known until recently with unity in the secession file

The most prominent of them is Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr, who holds the position of Al-Alimi Shura Council Chairman, and has threatened, with a series of tweets on his official page on social media, to impose it as a reality.

These movements indicate that the Hadhrami forces seek the participation of STC in representing the south, hoping to weaken it, and reducing his ambition to expand towards Hadhramaut, whose forces adhere to independence from the transitional government and strong Saudi support.

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