An American Attempt to Plump the Pierced Emirates Balloon in Yemen

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The United States launched recently, a new strategy to sabotage Sana’a negotiations and the coalition, at a time when the pace of optimism about the possibility of getting out from war impasse has increased.

The United States commemorated the bombing on Emirates for the first time in its history, despite Abu Dhabi ignoring the memory.

US President Joe Biden vowed to support what he described as his country’s strategic ally in the region, in a way that guarantees these attacks that will not be repeated.

Biden moving for Sana’a’s attacks on Abu Dhabi, at a time when the negotiations mediated by the Sultanate of Oman between Sana’a and the coalition are approaching a settlement that will end the eight-year war, is an indication to Washington’s attempt, which has lost hope on the possibility of returning to the scene from the Saudi gate, to push UAE to escalate again, especially since exporting the file of the attack on Abu Dhabi coincides with an American escalation in Yemen file during the past days, it emerged that US Deputy Representative to the Security Council, Richard Mills, set the condition for a political settlement between what he described as “Houthis” and the Yemeni forces loyal to his country, under UN auspices, in return for paying the salaries, which was not included in the Omani initiative.

Research centers affiliated with US intelligence, such as Washington Center for Middle East Studies of US State Department, have also begun marketing new scarecrows, the most prominent of which is the publication of a report that downplays the importance of “Houthis” accepting peace and talks about a three-stage strategy for the movement, the first of which is targeting the energy infrastructure in Yemen, followed by targeting the energy infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and UAE, and the third targeting the navigation in the Red Sea, the most important shipping lanes close to Saudi ports.

So far, it is not clear whether the American move in Yemen file and UAE’s push was a response to Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it is discussing dealing in currencies other than the dollar in the sale and purchase of oil, or is it part of a strategy through which Washington seeks to keep the fate of the negotiations between Sana’a and the coalition in its hands, but it is an indication that Washington is going to war again.

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